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You will be moving research forward for The Ottawa Hospital on Sunday, September 9!

This is your opportunity to have the greatest impact on research happening in Ottawa which is improving patient care around the world.

We ask all of our riders to raise a minimum of $750 by RIDE day. If you’re between the age of 14 and 17, your mission is to reach $500. THE RIDE team will be here for you along the way to help you out with some great tools, and incentives. Every registrant gets their own online fundraising page and access to our tools. Volunteers can also raise funds to help us make an even greater impact. Need access to the tools? Click here to download your toolkit.

If that’s not enough, we’ll share stories about the positive impact researchers at The Ottawa Hospital are making on fighting dozens of diseases and conditions.

Now is the time to register, fundraise and make a difference in patient care which could someday have an impact on you or your family. Or maybe, it already has!

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